Name: Brilliant Energy

Gender: Male(?)

Origin: Unknown

Powers: Life

Books: Kwan #1, Kwan #2, Kwan #3

Short Bio

Mysterious voice Kwan speaks to on several occasions.

Long Bio

Brilliant Energy is depicted by Kwan as a mysterious, warm and binding light whose acquaintance to her is unascertained. The voice speaks to her one night and awakens her with a delicate mental touch. Kwan refers to this entity as a "he" but, the origin of the voice remains unknown. When asked of its provenance, it answers with giving Kwan a mental visual of a dark room. Kwan is convinced that this mental voice is trapped in a dungeon and is being held as a prisoner of Ta'Mela and desperately needs her help. She asks the voice if it is the future Namika, but her question goes unanswered. Kwan's mother suggests that she ignore this voice, as it could be a danger to her however, that still doesn't terminate her curiosity of its origin.



[Begin Spoilers]

Answers Kwan's plea when Xanube Star attacks her, requiring a debt of her



"In Progress"