Back Cover Description

“The draconic mouth fashioned of basalt rock sneers at me, that grotesque display of cunning masonry. The judgement seat of the Naiskarin rests empty. They intended me to take that role, but I should hardly volunteer to wear those puppet strings.

I live behind the scenes; a ghost by choice who yet sees light. A means of coping, surely, for strong are the demons my powers bring me. I am a piece on the board in the game of world powers. How now shall I fall in love?”

Additional Info

Reading Order: Any (Pre-Dominion Era)

Physical Book: Out of Print.

Electronic Book: Contained in "I, Kwan"


Closes the story arc of Kwan vs the powers that be (Vague, I know, but spoiler free!)





Described as a novella, but this could claim to be a book.