The central body of works heavily overlap. They can be read in any order. With two exceptions, they do not rely on each other's endings.

(Those two exceptions are Unfit and Naiskarin which do not overlap, but are sequels).

I tried to steer clear of those long series where you have to read like 15 books just to get caught up.

Books 4K (Kimberly Rose) and 5J (Mrs. Blue) are all you need to read to get a 95% understanding of Victorious. All the other characters cameo in these two books (Except Turik from Kajo's story, who sneaks through 4K unnamed).


All the above books culminate in a battle depicted in Victorious.

This is a conclusion story. It totally spoils all the other books. You should read Victorious last if possible.

That battle marks a new era in the storyverse, called "Dominion Day".

Post-Dominion Era

Lorraine, Alita, and Catherine Starsong (Rocket Baby) are contemporaries. Their books can be read in any order, but they occur about 100 years after Victorious.

Unlike Victorious, they do not go out of their way to spoil the other books, but some reveals are unavoidable.