Back Cover Description

The Chronicles of Kwan follows the struggle of one young woman for liberty from the shadow of the Coalition of Lightnings. Freedom not just for herself, but for all her fellow serfs in Hillvale demesne.

“I feel a suffocating cloud of dread overcome the tiny group. My aura hovers among the students here in my home. It stands tall against them, a cloud-high column of sunshine and fire that envelops the entire building.

Theatrics? No. Not even a whirlwind of strength and power can save them. The wheels of the rebellion will not be easily slowed. We are too many to be silenced. We will not be stopped... not even by death.”

Additional Info

Reading Order: Any (Pre-Dominion Era)

Physical Book: Out of Print.

Electronic Book: Available


Introduces a telepathic serf named Kwan





This is a short story intended to introduce the various powers.

The reading order is listed as "any" because it is NOT a prerequisite for Kimberly or Jenna's stories. I'm building a reading order page to help organize this.

When I originally penned Kajo's story, I knew there were a lot of missing gaps, and always knew I would one day come back and fill in what I call "the people's" side of the tale. This story is the beginning of that journey.