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Sol-Terrus-Domice has never been at peace, but the recent arrival of oil threatens to tear this fluorine-powered world apart.

Suddenly, feudal roles unravel, nations form, and bandits rove the countryside in clockwork mechanoids.

Born a serf, she fought her way to the bottom of the ruling order. Yet, destiny would set her on a different path.

Lover. Commander of armies. Champion.

Will Kimberly live up to the expectations?

Or will her world's thirst for oil destroy her?

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Reading Order: Any (Pre-Dominion Era)

Physical Book: Available

Electronic Book: Available


Kajo's sidekick relates her part of the tale





I had planed to call Book 4 "House Caz" following Jenna and Hazran. Kimberly was supposed to fade off the page about 25% of the way through. Advance readers kept asking questions, getting me to expand parts I thought were straight forward. Before I knew it, Kimberly was eating 75% of the story and there was no room for Jenna. Lorraine (originally book 5) got bumped to #6, and Jenna now got her own title "Mrs. Blue". Lorraine remains highly unimpressed by this turn of events.