Name: Amei

Gender: Female

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: None

Books: Kwan #3, Legend #1, Legend #2

Short Bio

A concubine for Kajo, inherited from Lord Marr.

Long Bio

Everyone in Kajo’s household thinks the gorgeous and mysterious Amei is mute, but Kajo knows better as he has heard her whisper words of passion to him during their nights spent together. She speaks only to him and only in his presence. Her dark lashes accent her dark and brooding eyes, which seem to darken more when Kwan is around her. She also seems to lose her confidence and queen like stature when Kwan is in her presence. They dislike each other, as each hold Kajo to be special to them. Amei is a trusted member of the household with special and unique privileges. Amei is the only one who can activate Kajo’s special security door with her hand. The door is made of three layers of impenetrable steel. She holds his sacred security in her hand. He trusts her implicitly. Amei has no special powers except for her ability to please Kajo with her visits of the night. This dark and quiet beauty is holding secrets and will these secrets harm or hurt Kajo and how will they unfold? One thing is for sure, Amei won’t tell anyone... they will need to wait and see.