Name: Beth

Gender: Female

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telepathy

Books: Kwan #3, Legend #1

Short Bio

Sister of Ta'Mela.

Long Bio

Beth was Penderson`s Naiskarin until he was defeated and killed by Kajo in a struggle for the control of Hillvale. It seems as though she is another Telepath doing others` dirty bidding purely out of fear of the Telepaths Guild. Ta'Mela goads her into staying with Kajo in order to kill him, thinking he will keep her as his property as is the custom after a Lightning defeats another Lightning with a Naiskarin. Kajo gives Beth his mark and tells her she is free, which sets him apart from most Lightnings in terms of conduct with other people and sets a precedent, giving hope to other Telepaths wishing to free themselves from the Guild. With Kajo`s mark Beth finally has the courage to run away from the Guild.