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They call him the Destroyer of Worlds.
His army is known as the Angels of Destruction.

He is Kajo Blue, the boy that the chronomancers wanted dead at all costs. He is the timeless-one; one whose birth historians can only guess at. His aims remain inscrutable. His very hand changes galaxies.

Herein lies the story of the boy-turned-emperor. The one who would cause millions to suffer. The leader who could reshape the universe. The man whose greatest enemy is compassion.

This is the story of the Legend of the Blue.

Additional Info

Reading Order: Superseded by the Legend Series

Physical Book: Out of Print.

Electronic Book: Out of Print


Follows life of Kajo Blue, overlapping almost all other books




This could be called the central story, but I'm unsure if that does the other stories justice. Originally written between 1990 and 1992, it was first printed in 1997.

Btw: his name is a soft "j". It's pronounced "Kah-Yo". A lot of readers have asked if it sounds like Stephen King's Cujo.

It was never intended to be a story like the others are but a diary of events occurring to and around the main character.

Today, 30 years after first penning it, I'm well on my way to a rewrite that converts it into a novel. I had intended to serialize it originally, but hearing lots of pushback in the market against dribbleware, so leaning to clustered releases for now.