Dear Authors...


Feel free to use this universe to derive your own creations. Here are the rules:

1. Place a reference in a prominent position*. This reference could be "Based on the timeline of the Pyroverse" or "Based on the setting created in [any of my book names**]".

2. You do not need my permission to do this, nor do you need to pay me royalties. You must note me when you go live and let me know if I can list it on my "derived content page".

3. You agree to be bound by the basic rules of the universe (For example, electrostatic fields generally block telepathy) by and the core history of events.

4. You agree to make up your own story. Including your own characters (only 10% of the speaking characters can be mine). You agree not to deliberately obfuscate or confuse readers as to the source of your work.

5. You are the copyright holder of your derived material. It is up to you to police infringement. I retain trademark of my previous Intellectual Property (eg, the glossary definitions, history, and my own characters).

6. Happy Writing!



*Prominent position can be considered inside cover. But if the title mentions my IP (eg famous place name), the prominent position for the reference is the cover.

** Note that the Rocket Girl and Rocket Baby are excluded from this list. You cannot use characters found within.

*** Some details subject to change. At the time of writing, Legend 1-3, Kwan 1-10, and Stair 1-3 are on the definite can-use list, and this is for perpetuity (irrevocable). New titles to join them soon.