Name: (Unknown)

Gender: Male

Origin: Orion

Powers: Telepathy

Books: Kwan #1, Kwan #2, Kwan #3

Short Bio

Kwan's teacher of all things telepathy. Somewhat lecherous


Long Bio


Kwan’s mentor, her Grandpa, is now in a special care home called Shining Star Palliative. She enjoys stopping by to see him and deliver his lunch. Grandpa is her mentor and teacher, and she has great respect for him. He is responsible for her telepathic etiquette and basic defense skills. They often enjoy using telepathic rapport to communicate with each other. He knows Kwan quite well. She comes to him often for advice on her current tumultuous situation with the Coalition.




Grandpa is Kwan’s world, and she is honored to introduce Greg to this special man. Grandpa sees through the mental link that Greg’s mother, Mrs. Lanarr, is not fond of Kwan. The nurses at the home probably think he is an old buzzard, as he does like the ladies! He loves to tease the nurses and to tease Kwan. He left Orion because of the extreme poverty there, and enjoys residing at the Shining Star Palliative home.




At the time, he is bound to his bed due to a hip fracture, which seems to be healing more each day. Soon he will be running after all the ladies. Grandpa will guide Kwan on her many pilgrimages and her struggle against the Coalition.