Name: Mr. Lanarr

Gender: Male

Origin: Rion

Books: Kwan #2

Short Bio

Husband of Tirsha Lanarr, father of Greg Lanarr, uncle of Panne Lanarr.

Long Bio


Mr. Lanarr is often busy with his company affairs. He pays more attention to his business than his family. He often has corporate associates at the house for meetings. He is in a higher social class than Kwan’s father and, certainly, more successful,



Just like his son, Greg, Mr. Lanarr has a strong and firm jaw line, crazy curly hair, and lovely hazel eyes. He is handsome. Greg will look just like him one day in the future. Mr. Lanarr has hired various employees for the home and wants to make sure the home is protected.



He agrees to pay for the three-hour daily tutor sessions for Kwan, Panne, and Alešan. He, like Mrs. Lanarr, prefers Alešan as a choice for Greg. He knows her family is quite wealthy and would like to join the two families in a dynasty.



While he prefers Alešan, it is safe to say that he is frequently involved in his business affairs and not always focused on Greg or Kwan. His job, and the prestige that accompanies his job, are more important to him than his son’s choice for girlfriend. As the madness unfolds, it will be interesting to see if his attitude changes.