Name: Belinda

Gender: Female

Origin: League of lightning

Powers: None

Books: Kwan #3

Short Bio

A concubine for Lord Caz, Sr.

Long Bio

Belinda is a tragic and lost figure, representative of all the lost and lonely concubines. Her face is a blank and her mind screams to Kwan for help. Her name is tattooed on her arm near her wrist in the  Standard and Creddite tongues. Kwan knows she has been stripped of all of her self worth, assurance, hope, and even the knowledge of her own name. Kwan knows she cannot help her, but so badly wants to help and save her. Kwan is saddened by the total stripping that Belinda has endured in her life. Belinda will turn to others for help, such as the spoon-feeder man who fills her with red-sugar drug-like food. Food she cannot seem to get enough fill of. Belinda has no powers, not even the power of saving herself eventually. She is originally from the League of Lightnings. Her demise will be tragic, but also no one but Kwan will even seem to miss her. She becomes one of those messy concubines even in her tragic death. Belinda is sad and represents the lost and the downtrodden people who have been mistreated by the evil Lightning Coalition led by Lord Caz.