Name: Marsha McKnight

Gender: Female

Origin: Credd

Powers: Telekinesis (Telekinesis)

Books: Kwan #3, Kwan #5, Legend #1, Legend #2

Short Bio

Inventor / genius

Long Bio


Marsha McKnight meets Kwan in Credd as she studies the Mecanoids being built there trying to get a chance to be an inventor. She has strong metal-manipulating Telekinetic powers, and has always wanted to become an inventor, but her family didn`t support it. She appears wary and has a defensive and world-weary stance. Her life changes around when Kwan invites her to try out to be David McKnight`s circuit engineer. She performs admirably, instantly getting her dream job and is wooed by David, who she falls in love with at first sight, wedding each other later on. Working at McKnight industries she invents the Life Machine and numerous other important inventions. She is good friends with Reiki Starsong and Jenna Blue.