Name: Edrick

Gender: Male

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telepathy

Books: Kwan #3

Short Bio

From the feared Gaolodh telepath division, a telepath come to hunt Kwan for her abilities

Long Bio


Edrick is a part of The Gaolodh division of the Telepaths guild which tracks down telepaths and ranks them. He is sent to find and rank Kwan, and when she tests to be the fifth strongest telepath in the world he and his companions try to kill her. Edrick gives of the impression of a powerful person bossing people around, but rarely getting his hands dirty. It seems as if Edrick has some ranking within the division which implies that he is a very advanced telepath, but he still proves no match for Kwan. In his final encounter he proves inefficient and Kwan overpowers him before trying to manipulate his memories and inadvertently killing him.