Name: Kristanson

Gender: Male

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telekinesis (Electrokinesis, Telekinesis)

Books: Kwan #2

Short Bio

Coalition Elika trying to wrestle Hillvale-East back from Kajo.


Long Bio

Kristanson is a formidable Coalition Lightning. Kwan clashes with him in the wake of Kajo`s taking and commanding the eastern half of Hillvale. Pretending to be unconscious he manages to surprise the rioters that captured them and attacks them. Even though he is fighting with poorly armed rioters he does not pull punches and eagerly kills them without a sign of remorse. He is insidious and vicious, pragmatically trying to further the Coalition`s cause, at any means necessary. Arrogantly, he assumes he will easily dispatch Kimberly when she shows up, which does not prove the case. He is betrayed by Eliah, supposedly as the result of Eliah`s diagreement with his ruthlesness. He is carried off by the rioters to be executed.