Name: Penderson

Gender: Male

Origin: League of Lightning

Powers: Telekinesis (Electrokinesis, Telekinesis)

Books: Kwan #2, Kwan #3, Legend #1

Short Bio

Challenger to Kajo for control of Hillvale-East.

Owner of Beth (Sister of Ta'Mela).


Long Bio



The jury is out on Penderson, some people like him, others not so much. Penderson has no love for the Coalition at all. He is a strong speaker and it is evident he has presented many speeches and sermons.




In one case, it appears that Penderson may have hired assassins to hurt Kwan. Kwan can see the assassins on the perimeter of the mob. She knows they are after her. Or did someone else do it? Where would he get all the gold to pay for the assassins?




As he stands up in front of the mobs speaking, in his merchant guilder clothing, he exudes an air of confidence. He originates from the League originally. This travelling Lightning has aspirations to ultimately be a Namika and has been politicking. But if he wants to declare, then Kajo will be no friend of his and he will not be allowed to co-exist. So, does Penderson drop out of the race, run legally, or maybe try some underhanded tricks that make Kajo look guilty? It remains to be seen if Penderson is a friend or a foe. Will it all go up in a fury of flame and great fire?