Name: Aru

Gender: Male

Origin: Hillvale (Wyverna)

Powers: None

Books: Kwan #2, Kwan #3

Short Bio

Doorman for the Lanarr residence

Long Bio

Aru hails from the equatorial region of Wyverna. He is an important member of a security team, but he has no powers. He works for the powerful and very important Lanarr’s as a doorman, but also not only opening and closing doors, but also monitoring who can and cannot enter. He also keeps an eye on the Lanarr family, the grounds of the Lanarr property, as well as any visitors of the family. Kwan calls upon Aru to help and protect her when Miles Greccan lurks around the Lanarr home. Dark-skinned Aru can be recognized by his uniform of black vest, covered by a blue overcoat with gold buckles. And, of course, he always carries his trusty nightstick. He has a Wyvernse accent and a broad and beautiful honest smile. He is self-assured with a nice sense of confidence. Kwan needs him because Miles has declared his love, and cannot seem to leave her alone. But, does he really love her or simply want to claim and mark her? Aru will need to keep her, and the entire Lanarr family, very safe from the outside world.