Name: Panne Lanarr

Gender: Female

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telekinesis (Electrokinesis, Telekinesis)

Books: Kwan #2, Kwan #3

Short Bio

Niece of Greg Lanarr who studies finishing school with Kwan.

Long Bio


Panne is Greg Lanarr’s niece. She is the same age as Kwan. She is an attendee in the three-hour daily tutoring sessions at the Lanarr family house. She likes and feels sorry for Kwan. She will be in the middle as Kwan and Alesan struggle to get along with each other. Alesan, the other, girl tutoring, openly disdains Kwan. Alesan wants Greg all to herself as her boyfriend. Panne is a quiet and a gentle young lady.




When Greg’s mother teaches the lesson of poetry, Kwan is unable to read the poem. It is written in a different type of Standard than the Standard that Kwan studied with Dave. Kwan is mortified and Mrs. Lanarr and Alesan make fun of Kwan. Panne steps in to help and to support Kwan.




Panne may be needed in the future to support Kwan in more than just her penmanship. Since all three girls reside at the Lanarr home, the Coalition may be planning to attack or take down the house. Kwan will have Greg and Panne on her side, but no one else in the home. How much help the kind and gentle Panne can be will remain to be seen.