Hattie Name: Hattie

Gender: Female

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telepathy (Empathy)

Books: Kwan #2, Kwan #3, Kwan #5

Short Bio

Kwan's sidekick

Long Bio


One never knows whether to feel sad for Hattie or to admire her spunk. As the child of a drunk, she has a hard life. Her father actually buys a horse, but then drinks away the necessary tax money for the horse. Poor Hattie finds herself being hauled away as a payment. And her father lets her go.



Hattie, with her brown dress and simple bonnet, is one year behind Kwan in school. Kwan is surprised to learn that Hattie studied the basic rules of telepathy at school. She has a most quiet mind without too much chatter going on.



After Hattie is hauled away as a payment for a horse tax, she will find herself in the middle of a mob riot. Kwan will be there to save her, and then the two girls will turn around and save Tiller.



Hattie moves though the whole chaotic event without much fear or excitement. At times, she simply stops and watches the madness and the mob. It seems Hattie has a bit of an attraction to Tiller, so when it is time to save him, she is ready to jump in and help him. Hattie may have more saving to do in the future. Time will tell.