Name: Megerin

Gender: Male

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telekinesis (Metals Sniffer)

Books: Kwan #2, Kwan #4, Rocket Girl's Tale

Short Bio

Tax auditor who claims Kwan's dress

Long Bio


As a tax auditor, Megerin is not well liked. In long robes, he stands tall with a great sense of authority. He is, after all, taking people’s possessions. One decision from Megerin can make you poor or rich. And the only way you can change this is to go to the tax building, stand for hours in line, plead your case, and then be denied of a charge.



When he enters your home, as he does Kwan’s house, his sharp stare takes in everything. His assistant writes down notes, as Megerin barks out his instructions. At Kwan’s house, he favorably gives Kwan’s father a future tax credit. But he is not usually giving, but instead taxing undeclared gold and untaxed credits. He is slimy and no one likes him at all.



At Kwan’s house, Megerin does his watchful walk through, and then he spies her dress. Kwan made this gorgeous dress for her meeting with Greg’s parents. She wants to look special. Then unexpectedly, Megerin assesses the dress at 45 gold. 45 gold is comparable to a half-year of salary. Kwan will follow him to the tax collection office to claim he evaluated it at the wrong price. Megerin has some big trouble ahead of him and some angry people to deal with in the future.