Name: Kajo Blue

Birth date: Age of Lightning 2175

Gender: Male

Height: 180cm (5'11")

Origin: Hillvale (Wyvernese)

Weight: 67kg (150 lbs)

Powers: Telekinesis (Dominant: Nuclearkinesis, Strong: Electrokinesis, Telekinesis; Moderate: Pyrokinesis), Multiple-entity Existence

Books: Kwan #1, Kwan #2, Kwan #3, Kwan #4, Kwan #5, Legend #1, Legend #2, Legend #3, Stair #1


Is this classmate of Kwan’s a friend or foe? As she stands in front of Stradin of the fearsome Lightning Coalition, it appears Kajo has secretly marked her as telepathic. This lone dark-haired, dark-skinned classmate keeps to himself and scorns sports in favor of the library.

When Kajo appears to help Kwan get released unscathed, is it yet another attempt to take her down? Is he taking advantage of the fact that Kwan inherently trusts everyone? Always quiet, followed by the blonde-haired Kim, what does he really want?

Kwan has known Kajo since he was nine, but is he a friend aiding her, or an electrokinetic member of the Lightning Coalition? At school, Reiki promises to Kwan that Kajo is good at heart, and consequently Kwan pledges her friendship to Kajo. What trials will befall Kwan and Kajo now?