Name: Edith

Gender: Female

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telepathy

Books: Kwan #1

Short Bio

Coalition telepath sent after Kwan at the end of Kwan #1


Long Bio

Edith is a telepath sent to capture Kwan by Ta’Mela, after Kwan managed to counter the first attack against her, proving to be more powerful than the Telepaths Guild had anticipated. She is the first in line in the telephatic merge and thus Kwan identifies her the first. Edith does not seem like an overly willing participant, proceeding with her orders only because of fear for what might happen to her. She showcases the way the Telepaths Guild works, being obviously taken and forced into servitude against her will. Kwan fries Edith`s brain in a preemptive defense. Edith`s ghost thanks Kwan for setting her free and tells her the name of another unwilling Telepaths Guild member, Mara, who becomes an important ally later on.