Name: Francesca

Gender: Female

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telepathy (?)

Books: Kwan #1, Kwan #2, Kwan #3

Short Bio

Longtime childhood friend of Kwan.

Long Bio 

Francesca is one of Kwan`s best childhood friends. She knew about Kwan`s telepathy before most and she is not bothered by it. She has even picked up some tricks to communicate with Kwan telepathically with focused thoughts and by opening her mind up to Kwan`s. She even seems to enjoy sharing her memories with her friend through a direct telephatic rapport. She is so adept at it, that she might have some latent telephatic power. As a person she is smart and even though she is definitely feminine, she is also outspoken and slightly rebellious, not respecting Lightning authority and their misuse of it, nor letting Kwan have it easy after she fumbled around in Reiki`s mind. Later on she marries Harry.



[Begin Spoilers]

Marries Harry.