Name: Aldan

Gender: Male

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: None

Books: Kwan #1

Short Bio

A friend of Harry.

Long Bio

Aldan plays a pivotal role in the Kwan’s life even though he is barely mentioned. This young boy is excited about playing a pitched game. It is just a normal day with kids playing a game of ball. No one expects this game to change the Kwan’s world. Little does this boy know that this game will cause a series of violent events to unfold. As he is playing with his friends, Pertran takes the ball from Aldan. He tells the boys the game is over, but is it really over? Kimberly steps up in defense of the young boys, and Pertran throws a lightning bolt at her. Kwan is amazed when Kim blocks the bolt. She had never seen a bolt thrown before and certainly never seen one blocked. And yet, Kim remains unscathed and unhurt by Pertran. She is the first to challenge Pertran and the Lightning force. This challenge that begins with young Aldan’s pitched game with a bunch of his friends will change everyone’s life as a series of catastrophic and violent events follow. Aldan hails from Hillvale and he has no powers, and that is why Kimberly steps in to help him.