Name: Tirsha Lanarr

Gender: Female

Origin: Rion

Powers: None

Books: Kwan #1, Kwan #2, Kwan #3


Greg’s mother is a typical socialite. She is snobby and shows it. She is wealthy and knows not what to think of her son’s girlfriend. With her straight brown hair in a bun, her perfectly expensive and sensible muted clothing; she meets Kwan’s parents.



Kwan can read her thoughts and sees Tirsha does not understand her son’s attraction to Kwan. While Tirsha thinks Kwan’s dress will do, she thinks Kwan is a mess with mussed hair and rough edges. She is not pleased with Greg’s choice of love at all.



Tirsha accepts, grudgingly, Kwan as Greg’s girlfriend. But insists on daily three- hour tutoring sessions. Kwan will study with two other girls, Panne and Alesan. Panne is Greg’s cousin and Alešan is the girl Greg’s mother prefers for his wife. Tirsha Lanarr loves Alešan. These tutoring sessions will mean Kwan must move in and sleep at the Lanarr home. Mrs. Lanarr will teach Kwan her poetry lesson and when she does teach her, she will make Kwan feel bad about not knowing the exact version of Standard that she wants her to know.



Tirsha will never think Kwan is good enough for her son, Greg, and ultimately may try to disrupt the relationship.