Name: (The) Kwan

Birthdate: Age of Lightning 2175

Gender: Female

Height: 159cm (5'3")

Origin: Hillvale (Orionite)

Weight: 45kg (100 lbs)

Powers: Telepathy (Dominant/Arch: Projection; Strong: Empathy, Merge Driver, Merge Lens, Mind Reading, Mind Control, Object Reading, Suggestion; Weak/Negligible: Connection Sense, Dreamscaping, Mind Block)


Kwan, a protagonist worth her weight in gold as an unclaimed telepath, only wants justice. Magically drawn to the carnival for unknown reasons, her actions and readings cause her to be captured by the villainous GillGill knows her worth and promptly imprisons her and summons the Coalition.

Kwan knows her deemed crimes are various and her punishments could be severe. By Lightning Coalition decree, she should have been declared and marked by her parents when her powers were manifested. Her telepathy and object-reading prowess were unveiled at a young age.

As Gill catches and imprisons her, she wonders…Will she escape? Will her memories be stripped? Will she be sold for vast amounts of gold? And what role does Kajo, a classmate, play in determining her fate, her quest for justice, and, ultimately, her life?

Kwan is the central character of I, Kwan (Chronicles of Kwan, books 1, 2, and 3)

Books: Kwan #1, Kwan #2, Kwan #3, Kwan #4, Kwan #5, Kwan #6, Legend #1, Legend #2, Legend #3