Name: Nan

Gender: Female

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telepathy

Books: Kwan #1, Legend #1

Short Bio

Naiskarin of Lord Marr. Accompanies Stradin to meet Kwan on Carnival Night.

Long Bio


Nan was the Coalition`s Naiskarin, top telepath in Hillvale. She was ruthless and efficient in her role, clashing with Kwan at the very beginning of the story, on Carnival Night, provoking every later action in the story. It is then and there that Kajo reveals him as a Lightning, and only his timely arrival and marking save Kwan`s mind from being wiped clean. Nan is still cautious and is very aware of Kwan`s strength, both on that encounter and later on in the Ta`Mela mind merge which probed and lashed-out against Kwan unsuccesfully. Kwan instinctively repels the psychic attack and instead Nan dies, as the focal point of the merge.