Name: Manny Abensmith-Fren

Gender: Male

Origin: Hillvale

Powers: Telekinesis (Electrokinesis, Telekinesis)

Books: Kwan #1, Legend #1

Short Bio

Local electrokinetic hoping to make a claim as a Lightning. Encounters Kwan in this process. Note: Manny hints he was at the carnival the night she met Gill.

Long Bio

A classmate of Kwan and Kajo, this dark-complexioned boy, rarely talks to her or anyone else. Quietly he keeps to himself and goes about his business at school. One year behind Kwan in school, at 17 years old, she is surprised one day when he taps her on the shoulder. And then, the Lightning greed in him comes out and he tries to claim her. No one knew he was a Lightning. Originating from Hillvale, deep in the middle of the territory, he has powers of electrokinesis and telekinesis. He rarely uses these powers until he tries to stun Kwan repeatedly and try to steal her to complete his claim. He is strong and tries to drag her away from the school. No one, especially Kwan, ever suspected he was an enemy and he would try to hurt her. Manny is different from what anyone thought he was. Kwan does not want to tell her parents... a wise move? Will Manny get her next time and stamp his claim on her? Or will he go back to be the quiet, unassuming younger school boy?